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Marble Tiles and Slabs

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Marble Tiles for Luxury

Marble tiles can provide your floors with a unique glossy effect. Easy to maintain, resistant, marble tiles remain in the top three favorites. Marble tiles can be white, gray, beige… Its natural rich color range changes the main and outstanding benefits of marble, which allow creating decorative effects, luxurious and original compositions. The living surface of natural colored stone, resistance to moisture, heat and large loads allows to use marble for covering facades and internal premises of buildings, marble slabs and fire places, steps of stairs, tables and window stands.

Marble tiles give a stunning shiny effect to the room. They can be installed anywhere in the house though certainly ideal for the bathroom as marble tiles are easy to maintain on a daily basis.The impressive appearance and the many decorative possibilities that marble tiles offer cannot be ignored.

Depending on the colors collected, marble interiors can be cold or warm, massive or airy, luxurious or modest, dark or light. Marble remains the ideal material for baths and decoration of rooms and can be used to cover the floor without any fear of the influence of water. It is easily cleaned and does not tarnish over time. Here a selection that will give you ideas!

A living room with glossy marble tiles

Perfect in the living room to illuminate the room, glossy tiles produce a spectacular effect. Its light gray reflections and marble look make it an essential ally for quality flooring.

Marble tiles can be installed on the floor as well as on the walls for a chic and trendy interior. Smart, it has actually a striking effect. In fact, the name of “marble” or “marmaros” means in Ancient Greek shiny stone.

White marble

From white color marble of warm Venus Milosskaja is created, Parfenon is built, the temple Zevs Olympic and the temple column Artemides in Handle one of seven miracles of light.

In marble one holds outstanding individuality allowing architects and designers to demonstrate mastery.