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Sahara Black Marble

Referring to the German DIN standards, the geotechnical characteristics of Black Sahara Marble are:

  • Absorption: Low: <0.4%
  • Specific weight 2,65 / 2,85 g / cm³
  • Good compressive strength: 1390 kg / cm³
  • Wear resistance: Normal
  • Weather resistance: Good

Sahara Black Marble 

Sahara Black Marble is a very hard limestone. It is distinguished by a deep black hue with golden veins. Your interior space will be very prestigious with the luxurious touch of this marble type. This material is often used in the most prestigious buildings. It is used since antiquity in sculpture.

Sahara Black Marble use

This type of marble is perfect in flooring whether inside or outside your home. Its technical characteristics allow it to withstand bad weather. A tiled terrace or a balcony by black marble appears very prestigious and modern. Using the black marble in floor covering gives a permanent warm look even in the middle of winter. Dark coating always attracts the attention of people who search for luxury beauty.

Marble maintenance

In order to keep the transparency of the marble, you have to maintain it regularly. Clean your marble floor by diluting a black soap in warm water, then pour this mixture on the floor and clean with a soft cloth or mop. Black soap product is perfectly beneficial in marble floor care. It protects the color and structure of the stone.

See more details about How to clean and polish Black marble.

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