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Perlatino Marble

Application: outdoor / interior

Use: buildings, furniture, furniture joinery, paving, residential paving, commercial paving, wall coverings, cladding, decorative functions, baths, kitchens, swimming pool, urban furnishings

Perlatino Marble

Perlatino marble is a stone originated from limestone. It is distinguished by its luxurious and elegant effect. This natural stone is characterized by its sumptuousness, elegance, intense veins and its typical mottled pattern. As well, this metamorphic distinguished by its Mediterranean oriental sense and it has a high decorative touch in bathrooms, dressing stairs, tiling and kitchenette. This rock gives a slight transparency and has a particular decorative aspect.

Perlatino Marble Use

Perlatino marble is considered as the most luxurious accessories in all the decoration projects specified to the apartments, hotels.
The prestigious effect of this beautiful rock is highlighted on the artistic and design fabrication of table, clock, status, chimney.

Marble Perlantino care 

In order to clean your marble carefully and easily, mix warm water with a little back soap. Use a soft cloth or a very soft bristle brush to clean the surface of the marble. Don’t use forceful household products like the bleach, paint remover to avoid the detection of the marble brilliance.

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