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How to clean and polish Black marble

How to clean and polish Black marble

Black marble is a beautiful natural stone used nowadays in many ways. such as floors and countertops. Undeniably black marble  brings an elegant touch wherever it is put.

Of course to stay bright and beautiful this natural stone will need to be taken care off.

Don’t be afraid, it doesn’t need any expensive materials or the use of professional cleaner.

When our customers buy black marble , we always give tips to clean it efficiently and economically.

Why does black marble need to be cleaned?

Generally black marble is a very sensitive natural stone. it is important to maintain it correctly.

For example avoid sharp edged objects directly on it because it  can lead to scratches.

To avoid stains caused by liquids , it is important to clean it as soon it was spilled.

To clean dust, use warm water and clean it with a tiny pressure.

Never leave water on marble for a long period as it can make stains, remove it softly.

Usually dish detergent and warm water are very effective for cleaning black marble

Never use products that contain acids such as vinegar and lemon.