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Marble Tips Inspirations

Mineral and elegant, the marble returns to the front of the stage and invades the interiors Although marble can evoke sometimes an atmosphere of coldness and austerity, when combined with rich hues and warm materials, it can also be used to decorate your interior  without giving it a cold effect. By small touches or in total look, in its first form or in patterns, marble invites itself into the interior and wants to be warm and inviting!

We have selected 8 chic and trendy tips where marble is in the spotlight of trendy interiors to give them an elegant touch

marble decoration

1.Mix the marbles to create the contrast 

The mix of light and dark marbles on the floor and wall creates an effect of contrast and avoids a certain monotonous uniformity. Associated with a deep colour, marble is beautifully developed without cooling the atmosphere.  We love the layout of the marble that breaks with the austere appearance of the material!

marble decoration

2.Play the cocooning card to warm up the marble

Combined with a cozy decoration, the marble of the coffee table of this living room is far from cooling the room! Accumulation of graphic cushions, cozy carpets with furniture of soft and neutral shades … The cocooning atmosphere softens the cold aspect of the marble, which melts with harmony in this stay in the clear colors.

marble decoration

3.Try the marble pattern on a piece of wall 

Do you think that a large marble surface can cool a room? In this interior, whose walls have been dressed in marble, proves the opposite. Married with a soft and feminine hue, marble is chic and trendy. The décor scattered in the room, like the paintings on the wall, echo the marble to make the decor harmonious.

marble decoration

4.Associate marble with wooden elements 

The central counter dressed in marble of this open kitchen is something! To avoid falling into the total cold and sanitized look, combining marble with light wood flooring can be a good idea. The walls also help warm the room. The design trick to remember? Place flowers or green plants on marble furniture to bring some color.

marble decoration 5

5.Marry the marble with pale hues

For a chic and trendy design, marry the marble with a soft color like in this living room. Combined with light shades, the marbled patterns of this bright living are in total harmony. We just love it!

marble decoration

6.Adopt marble in the decor sparingly

In this small bathroom, the marble sinks bring a touch of understated elegance. Surrounded by the raw wood of the bathroom furniture, these marble elements blend with the decor with success. We love the raw wood base that is combined with the white marble!

marble decoration

7.Choose colors similar to marble 

Instead of choosing contrasting colors, why not bet on shades matching those of marble? In this sober interior, the marble blends harmoniously into the more or less white and gray decor. The range of dark gray used in this decor can play with the chiaroscuro. Smart!

marble decoration

8.Play the card of discretion with marble 

The marble credenza of this bright kitchen is discreet. Thanks to the wood of the dining room furniture, the kitchen wooden floor and the green scattered around, the marble imposes its style with chic and elegance.

(Article originally written in French by Audrey Couppé)