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Marble Interiors and Exteriors

The facade announces luxury

Marble has always been a number one building material, despite its considerable cost. Because of its natural and unique texture, it is very suitable for embellishment in interior and exterior decoration, retaining an extraordinary and brilliant style, especially when polished by professionals.

If you like luxurious design, we would like to invite you here to discover how marble can change the entire design of a building. If you dream of modern and luxurious architecture with large openings and clean textures that highlight the nobility in a contemporary construction, then what follows will seduce you!

Construction can be made unique with facades punctuated by gigantic oblique panels entirely dressed in marble. Marble panels structure the construction while bringing both dynamism and originality to the building. The result is a mineral silhouette that is both authentic and timeless.  With gigantic marble panels as ornaments to facades, buildings inevitably call.

Marble comes to magnify almost all spaces. The eye is attracted by its presence, a massive presence since in addition to decorating the facade; marble stones are equally used in the external pavement that gives access to the main entrance of the house.

Exteriors shaped by marble

Single-storey house with marble façade

Single-storey house with marble façade. Clothed in marble, the facade gives this villa not only a majestic look but also a mysterious one.

house garden with pine Bark

The sumptuous villa shown in the pictures above is simply distinguished by its facade: decorated with oblique panels completely covered with marble plates.
When you are in front of the house, you notice a minimalist and luxurious façade because it uses marble on a large part of the wall at the entrance.
From a distance, you can also see the heights of the building which are completely covered with marble, to ensure continuity of the style of the debut.
In short, marble can be present massively at the level of the exteriors of the building. In addition to dressing the facade, it can cover the ground and can be used to build the pavement leading to the main entrance of the building or to cover the ground of the terrace as it can be viewed in the picture below.

marble façade

The courtyard is well clear with large openings that create a direct communication with the interior of the house. Professionals have used stone to decorate certain walls to create a harmony with the marble that covers other surfaces visible from the outside.

house with marble façade

The house seems bent when it is not, a play of optics reinforced by the marble material used. This atypical architecture using marble also shapes “special” views of the garden.

Play of light to sublimate the architecture

In the evening, the resolutely original architecture of the house is enhanced by the play of light. Illuminated, the marble plates take on a particular importance: their relief is underlined.

house with marble façade

marble façade

As seen in the pictures above, marble clothing of the facades adopts the same lines of the buildings: a marble shaped to bring relief and dynamism to the exterior

Interiors shaped by marble

If marble is present massively outside, it can also find its place inside buildings while taking other forms. Consider the fire places shown in the photos:

marble design

marble design

Marble also finds its place in the kitchen, at the level of work plans, a presence certainly more discreet but just as massive as in other rooms.

A perfect work plan marble

A perfect work plan

The rendering of marble is impeccable. There is an absence of joint which is an undeniable asset for the maintenance of the kitchen.

As in the kitchen worktop, marble was also used in the bathroom.

marble bathtub

A veined marble bathtub: With the characteristic gray-white color and perfectly defined veins, it creates a unique feeling of well-being,

Marble with no visible cut-out decorates the walls of the shower.

Marble with no visible cut-out decorates the walls of the shower.

Marble gives this bathroom a raw side, authentic and at the same time timeless. In short, marble gives it a real character…

marble bathroom

wash basin marble

The wash basin in this bathroom also holds a real originality. This time, it is no longer a veined marble but a marble posed as “a work of art modeled by nature over thousands of years.” Far from the perfectly defined horizontal veins of the marble of the other bathroom, it lets out a totally spontaneous splendor with completely irregular patterns.

outdoor kitchen Garden style

An outdoor kitchen Garden style: This kitchen outside is very practical, but above all very luxurious. The floor is entirely covered with marble in the same tones as the front of the house.

marble garden

Well equipped outdoor kitchen

Well equipped outdoor kitchen

Terrace style

The black of the furniture harmonizes well with the wall vegetation on the stone walls. The kitchen is super well equipped with a touch of luxury that emanates from the wooden ceiling and the well arranged luminaries.

Terrace Garden Style

Terrace Garden Style

Trendy outdoor and outdoor kitchens with stylish marble floors and marble countertops. 

The interior kitchen also uses marble for wall cladding, and large glass doors can enhance interior lighting, while facilitating communication with the outdoor landscape.

Stylish indoor Kitchen marble

Stylish indoor Kitchen

Kitchen marble

Art style

Bathroom style

marble bathroom style

This bathroom highlights luxury through a good composition of white and black marble, transparent shower doors and a large mirror that enhances the feeling of grandeur in the room.

Hallways style

Hallways marble style

The design of the hallways is simple, but the designers did not forget to highlight some of the little details, such as the combinations of wood and marble and some design accessories of decoration.