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Marble in furniture

Marble in furniture appeared to cover tables, chests, game tables, cabinet cupboards, bookcases, side tables, secretaries and nightstands. The use of marble in furniture appeared in the Renaissance with encrusted decorations on luxury cabinets and then became widespread in France in the seventeenth century in the decorative arts under the impetus of Louis XIV. Superbly crafted desks and cabinets were created for the Palace of Versailles and other royal residences.

sofa marble table             versaille sofa marble tables
Versailles sofa tables

Marble was used in furniture then not only for decoration but also for protection or for a sanitary purpose. For example, the interior of the bedside tables where chamber pots were placed were often trimmed with marble to facilitate cleaning.

marble table

The richness of the marble used depends on the frequency of use of the furniture. A purely decorative marble is usually expensive. Dishes, trolleys and nightstands are covered with gray-black and white marbles, such as marble SAINTE ANNE.

marble console

Console Empire mahogany marble grey St-Ann XVIII century

The finest molded marbles are reserved for consoles and luxurious dressers.

marble console dresser  marble dresser

   Louis XVI Secretary, 1783

marble furniture table

Finest French neoclassical furniture covered with marble

Identifying a marble allows you to locate the age and age of a piece of furniture. Indeed, some marble quarries are now exhausted; the manufacture of a piece of furniture cannot be later than their closing date. The original Antique large marble is one example. Neoclassical styles such as Louis XVI or the Empire style favor marbles of sober color.

Louis XVI dresser covered with marble

Your dresser is covered with a beautiful white polished marble, gray spotted, green, blue or beige. This characteristic element of the style and the period of the furniture will help you to recognize for example the Italian marble White Carrara, the French Cherry Red marble or the Belgian marble grey Sainte Anne.

dresser covered with polished marble

dresser covered with polished grey marble

LOUIS PHILIPPE dresser in curved mahogany and grey marble SAINTE ANNE 1880

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