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Marble for modern interiors

Previously used for important structures and large monuments, marble is now used in residential homes. This material brings a touch of elegance and luxury to the pieces that sport it. Today, marble is one of the biggest trends in design. The creators work it in different ways to meet the needs of the owners. More importantly, you do not need to spend a fortune on the purchase of the product since the raw material is the one that adds character to your decorations. If you have a tight budget, you can opt for imitations.

Different types of marbles

Marble is a metamorphic rock used for thousands of years in the field of construction. Every piece of marble is different. The variety of veins and the diversity of colors are the criteria that differentiate a piece of marble. Marble tiles can look uniform or less uniform, depending on the type and quality of marble you buy. Most high-end marbles have a very uniform color palette with smooth veins.

The marble decorates all the rooms of the house. However, the use of this noble material requires the respect of certain rules. Being a very delicate substance, marble should be used sparingly to avoid the overloaded side. So bet on marble decorations in small touches, and choose wisely its location.  Through this guide, we present the pieces that will be highlighted with the use of marble as decoration.

How to use marble for decoration

Marble in the bathroom

The bathroom is probably the first piece that comes to mind when we think of the establishment of marble for interior decoration up to date. The majority of homeowners use it in bathrooms to give a touch of elegance. It can be placed in the form of a floor, wash basin or to cover an entire wall.

It is also possible to opt for marble as a floor covering to give more charm to your bathroom. A bathroom with a marble floor needs no other element of the same material to look elegant, however, a matching countertop can harmonize your decor. Make sure to focus on the floor and avoid covering it with a lot of furniture or accessories so that it can be highlighted.

White marble is recommended for bathrooms because of its elegant and fresh character

Photo © Tony Powell. Waterworks Georgetown Showroom. March 27, 2015

Marble in the Kitchen

For a successful change of decoration, you can bet on the replacement of your classic wooden kitchen island by an island entirely made of marble. The transformation will be guaranteed. The marble will make your kitchen more luxurious. In addition to the white marble that is known for its purity, you could also rely on gray marble to give a more sophisticated look to your work plan.

Marble kitchen countertop

Marble in the living Room

The most important thing when it comes to installing marble at home is to integrate it with care. Remember that the less the product will be used in your home, the more elegant it will be to see. If you are ready to add marble decorations to your living room, take care to add a little touch to give character to the material and all of your living room.

If, however, you decide to focus on a big transformation for your living room, you can opt for an exclusively marble floor. Keep in mind, however, that these types of floors must be sealed and maintained regularly if you want them to be more design and durable.

Marble decoration

Marble can be combined with other natural materials for an even more aesthetic and modern look. For the best results, use professionals and companies specialized in the field. Using the services of experienced people guarantees the conformity of the results and the quality of the final rendering.