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The classy touch of marble

Marble is known as a metamorphic rock derived from the transformation of limestone. It is mainly composed of a biochemical mineral of natural calcium carbonate, which is called calcite, which bears a low white color. Marble is a solid and cold stone hard to cut. This hard rock is more resistant over time, as it becomes flexible and easy to work and be polished. Once polished, marble has a beautiful shine with a slight transparency effect and therefore has a particular decorative aspect.

Marble, a prestige and luxury material

Marble, a prestige and luxury material

 Marble is widely used to design spaces and build buildings as it is used in marble sculpture which represents the oldest form of art. Marble is highly appreciated by sculptors because it has a finesse that allows them to carve the smallest details.

The different names of the marble:

Marble is a metamorphic stone found in several countries with different nominations. The best known and diffuse is Carrara marble and especially white. In Greece, there are the most beautiful antique marbles of a very varied composition like the White Wall and the antique red. Meanwhile, there is bluish marble in Picardy and the Ile de France, white veined black marble in Mont Alcino, the green marble of Egypt, the variegated pink and white marble of Seravezza, the black marble stained with yellow and veined with white in Porto Venere and the white marble of Elba Island, black Sahara marble, dark gray marble ….

Marble luxury
marble flooring design

Luxury decorative Italian round marble flooring design

Carrara marble

An aesthetic appearance and a refined decoration with Carrara marble

Marble is a chic and precious decorative material that never loses its decorative value. It is characterized by its beauty, its elegance as well as the expressiveness of its nature that it is in kitchens, bath rooms, and especially on the floor. The marble is always in tendency with a purified and sublime brightness. Among other things, this material has a variety of shapes on stone such as flames, veins, bands, clouds…… It is a stone with very different colors as white is its basic color, pink , black, blue, purple, purple and white, yellowish or greenish drawn with specific patterns.

Use of marble

Italian design bathroom with marble

Luxury Italian design bathroom with marble

Marble is a durable aesthetic appearance used in flooring, stairs, tiles and facades as it can be used in small decorations such as vases of dishes, boxes and candle holders.

To conclude, marble remains a natural and attractive material with a permanent, lasting and prestigious aesthetic effect.

Luxury Entry way with marble flooring

Luxury Entry way with marble flooring

Luxury marble floor design

Luxury marble floor design

Marble, symbol of refinement

This noble material comes in many colors: it can go from white to black through green, red, nervous or cloudy and mottled or mottled. Highly prized for its durability and aesthetics, it has been used the construction of large historical buildings such as the Acropolis, The Church of St. Sophia or the Palace of Versailles. Today, marble is found in interior decoration for bathrooms, floor coverings, stairs or fireplaces and outdoors for garden tables.

Marble adapts to various dimensions and integrates very well into modern constructions. For the floor, it is used in the form of large slabs or small friezes to create a friendly atmosphere. In the kitchen, marble is an excellent material for the worktop, but can also be used for bars, window sills or indoor objects. The bathroom can be marble floor to ceiling. Marble can also be used as a material for sinks, basins, shower trays for walls or floors. On the outside, the marble can be used for fountains, mosaics, tables or benches or even slip-resistant version for pavements or terraces.

The maintenance of marble

The marble can turn yellow and lose its luster. The marble should be maintained regularly with soapy water or a mixture of Marseille soap and bleach. For very dirty marble, take a paste of 25 g of lime chloride with ½ liter of water and white Spain. Spread this paste and leave it for an hour before rinsing with large amounts of water. It is important to polish while rubbing with Spanish white, talc or a dry cloth. To effectively whiten marble, take a soft brush and oxalic acid to dissolve in water at a rate of 7 to 8 tablespoons per liter of water. Rinse with clear water and allow to dry.

Stained marble

To remove stains on marble, acetone is the best product. Leave on for two to three hours and rinse with clear water. The mixture of lemon juice, hydrogen peroxide and alcohol is also effective. If the task is very difficult to remove, it is best to call a specialist. For the broken marble, we must see if it can still be repaired. We must start by dusting the two lines of breakage. Then, degrease and put epoxy glue on the two pieces to collect, join the two ends and let dry. The break line should be sanded with a fine abrasive and then polished with an abrasive with water. With cotton, apply a paste to polish.