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Marble: a decorative trend

  A vase, a lamp, a candlestick, today we find almost everything in marble. It’s really trendy. It is exploited in simple lines. All the big brands do it as well as original creators. All these marble objects have a great effect. They are just “hot”, it must be said.

Marble for a chic or simple style

 Marble for a chic or simple style

It’s been a few years since marble became trend in the world of decoration. Today marble is still on the front of the stage. A trend that has become a classic…

decorative marble

Resolutely trendy, marble naturally comes in a myriad of colors. Marble thus dresses in hues the most fashionable in this season as the old rose forest green but does not forget to dress in basic colors and timeless like black and white.


Marble forever

Marble forever

Marble is first of all a mineral. It can be used for several types of environments and spaces as shown here. During the past years, marble is forever present in the photos of inspirations. In fact, it’s been a few years now since marble has been on the front of the stage and we never get tired of it.

Is marble synonymous with luxury?

Is marble synonymous with luxury

Present for several seasons in the collections, marble does not intend to leave the decorating scene. Symbol of luxury and refinement, at once sober and minimalist, the marble dusts its image a bit old and breaks the codes. Marble breaks through our interiors and invites itself unhindered on our tables, our lights, our walls.

How to use marble in design?

how to use marble in design

Whether the interior is uncluttered and very modern or ultra classic, the marble instantly brings sobriety and refinement to the decor already present and raises the brass and copper brilliantly. Ideal for small decor such as candlesticks, lamps and tableware, marble breaks the codes and affixes to the walls with shelves or wallpaper or affixes to small or large tables.

 marble design

Among real materials of this winter, marble keeps its place of must have decor. Used for its indisputable durability, soft color shades and natural contrast, marble is synonymous with luxury and elegance. Civilizations of all times have taken advantage of this exceptional material, recognized for its unique qualities.

material marble for design

  Material initially cold, the marble establishes a design atmosphere, minimalist and terribly elegant to the room that occupies by uniting with warm materials like wood and leather. It blends naturally into the decor and adapts without hindrance to all types of styles thanks to the infinite diversity of its chromatic nuances.

design marble

 Marble frees itself from its apparent coldness and returns with small subtle touches and has been blithely investing our interiors for several seasons. If you mix it with natural materials, and simple accessories you bring out all the raw look of marble.

marble deco

Over the years it has become a noble and indispensable classic, marble is no longer limited to floors, kitchens or fireplaces. Marble becomes discreet and gently wakes up the atmosphere of a room, which did not escape the deco sphere.

marble decoration

Marble invites itself through innumerable collections by small subtle touches. Modern designers of our New World insist on absolute minimalism as keys of decorative accessories. The most confidential brands and giants of the design industry have been tempted by the soft shades of this particular material. Many break the codes and offers shelves entirely made of marble or offer a wide range of all-effect marble wall claddings…

deco marble

Here we have the example with kitchens. Combined with pure lines and refined accessories, the whole class of marble is highlighted. As pleasant to see as it is to touch, this material of exceptional nobility inspires luxury and sobriety. Marble remains a must from the bathroom to the kitchen. Consider the picture of the bathroom below entirely clothed in white marble.

marble bathroom