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How to get an atypical prestigious design

The irresistible effects of marble covering

Timeless and never loses its decorative value, marble is a stone that adds a so prestigious aspect to our home spaces. It invades our interiors whether inside or outside.

Indeed, home entries, kitchens, living rooms, corridors, terraces and specifically bathrooms can be decorated with this elegant material from the ground to the ceiling.

The design of the bathroom will be more authentic by adding the aesthetic softness offered by the marbled coatings.

Do not hesitate to research the trends of marble poses to maximize your body relaxation and psychotic work in this space privileged for your hygiene.)

Bathroom’s floor covering with marble

As practical as aesthetic, decorating your bathroom with marble add to your space an elegant and prestigious touch and at the same time is the most suited place to reveal its usefulness in  resisting to shock and heat. Adapting such decorative material in bathroom is a sure bet of decoration?  It makes the space soft as well a relaxing atmosphere.  Marble can change totally your bathroom’s appearance thanks to its diversified colors and designs that allows it to link all the existing decoration styles. The covering of your bathroom floor with marble can be done with several designs and colors such as the white which is its basic colors, the grey marble, the imperial beige marble and specially the marble with the pink color. This latest is often used for bathroom’s decoration. It is considered as a pure color that provides instant healing and a decorative touch full of joy and well-being.

Floor marble’s characteristics

This Metamorphic stone make you having a natural floor surface covering. It is preferred as the most luxurious and prestigious products which give your floor the best specific features.

So specific style:

Since antiquity and for centuries, this material has been adapted in royal palaces. It enhances your bathroom and gives it a majestic touch. This product is available in many shades and multicolor blends such as black Sahara marble with its deep black hue with golden veins, imperial gray marble, beige marble and other types of marble. In addition, this material can be cut into diversified shapes like rectangles and triangles to create a custom mosaic to your marble tile cutouts.

Brightness and transparency aspect

You will get so chic and elegant decoration of your favorite place of relaxation thanks to the lights effect of brilliant and transparent squares of marble