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How to clean marble

Take care of your marble by following these five cleaning rules. They are effective on marble floors as well as on marble walls or other marble objects.

  1. Never clean marble with acidic products like vinegar, lemon on marble
  2. Never clean marble with chemicals
  3. Never clean the marble with bleach
  4. If you must absolutely use a chemical cleaner, pour only a drop on a cloth, then remove the stain on the marble by tamping and rinse immediately.
  5. If an acidic product was to stain the marble, sponge immediately and pour water, to dilute the maximum of the product.

Use wax to make the marble shine

how to clean marble

Protect the marble by waxing it with ordinary wax

Regular care

Regular care of a marble floor is done with a damp microfiber mop or sponge moistened   with water. Dry it carefully as soon as possible.

how to clean marble


  1. Soap in glitter: Clean with a sponge soaked in flake soap diluted in hot water. Rinse. Wipe.
  2. Black soap: Clean with a sponge moistened with water and a little black soap. Rinse. Wipe.
  3. Spanish white / turpentine:  Clean marble with a cloth impregnated with a mixture of Spanish white and one or two drops of turpentine. Put on a damp cloth then wipe.
  4. Glycerin: Clean the marble by shining it, passing over a soft cloth soaked in glycerin, then wipe a flannel cloth.
  5. Soda crystals: Rub very dirty marble with a sponge moistened with a solution of hot water and soda crystals (a cup of crystals for one liter of water). Rinse in clear water with a microfiber cloth or microfiber broom.
  6. Clay stone: Clean easily and quickly the dirtiest areas of a marble floor with a sponge moistened with white stone or clay stone
  7. Oleo-limestone liniment: Rub the marble with a cloth impregnated with oleo-limestone liniment. Then polish with a soft cloth.
  8. Pumice / baking soda powder: Mix 2/3 pumice powder and 1/3 baking soda with a little hot water to obtain a soft paste, then clean the marble with concentric movements. Rinse, dry. This solution is valid for very dirty marble.

How to remove a stain from marble

marble stain

Remove most stains from the marble by applying a light paste of 1/3 bicarbonate of soda and 2/3 pumice powder to the stained areas. Let dry and rinse.