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Imperial Beige Marble Slab

Referring to the German DIN standards, the geotechnical characteristics of Imperial beige marble Thala are :

  • S. g / cm³: 2.67
  • Absorption: 4 to 4.5%
  • Porosity R.C. kg / cm²: De 420-1100 MDE
  • U: of from 21 to 23

Source: ONM, 2000

Imperial Beige Marble Slab

To renovate your floors, imperial beige marble slab is the most popular prestigious material thanks to its timeless aesthetic appearance and its durable strength of resistance.
Our company will be your ally for the supply, laying a luxurious palette of marble tiles with reasonable budgets 

Imperial beige marble use

Your aesthetic desires will be nourished by the skill of the scrupulous craftsmen in the marble cutting with personalized shapes inspired by your personal stamp.

Do not miss the total renovation of your home by reworking one of our prestigious interior and exterior marble tiles 

Imperial beige marble cleaning

The imperial beige marble may lose its luminosity and brightness in few months. Thus, in order to preserve its prestigious beauty and transparency, you must clean it regularly by using specific and adapted products to protect it from scratches and stains. 

Luxury Marble at best price

Our marble company is a versatile showroom of an unlimited range of luxurious marble products of different colors.
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