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Grey Shell Marble Slab

Referring to the German DIN standards, the geotechnical characteristics of the grey marble Shell are:

  • S. g / cm³: 2, 60
  • Absorption: 0.21%
  • C. kg / cm²: From 850 to 1,100
  • U: Good (DIN)
  • I: Good (DIN)

Source: ONM, 2000

Grey Shell Marble Slab

Grey Shell marble Slab gives an irresistible aesthetic stain to your interior coatings and your exterior designs.

The finishes of the organized artistic layout of the marble tiles will be the exotic touches dedicated by expert marble craftsmen.

A timeless charm of marble will add to your prestigious home decor design

Grey Marble Shell Use

The Grey marble Shell is used in tiling outside or inside your home. It adapts to all types of coatings.

This material can be used in the modernized renovation of your kitchen by integrating the artistic deformations of this expensive rock in the manufacture of kitchen islands, counters,…

Grey Marble Shell Maintenance

This material needs a specific care. For a permanent brightness, you should clean your marble floor regularly. Use a warm water and soap, and then rub the floor slowly with a soft bristle brush. After that, rinse thoroughly and wipe with a soft cloth.

Luxury Grey Marble Shell

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